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In the Classroom

Education is a cornerstone in our community. We have a wide range of schools ranging from K-12 to university that offer a sound education that will aid in creating a brighter future for those in our community. 

Expand Your Learning

Pictured right: A.H. Parker High School, West End Academy, Birmingham Southern College, & Miles College, and more


  • Miles College

  • Birmingham Southern College

  • Lawson State Community College

  • Charles A. Brown Elementary School

  • Central Park Elementary School

  • West End Academy

  • Arlington Middle School

  • Green Acres Middle School

  • Washington Elementary School

  • School of Skill & Trade

  • Southeastern School of Cosmetology & Barbering

  • Glenn Vocational High School

  • Bush Academy

  • Wenonah High School

  • A.H. Parker High School

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